When you have hundreds of people watching, you always try to give your best. But if you perform the same even when no one is watching that shows your real character. Vaibhav Laxmi being a customer-centric organisation has never compromised on its quality and that’s what sets it apart from others.

An organisation’s capabilities and intent are strongly reflected in its product. It’s the quality that truly echoes for the strength of the company that it has established. Vaibhav Laxmi’s commitment to quality and service continues to grow as they do. They continue to invest in educating farmers, better technology and equipment with the objective of delivering top-quality products to the client.

Vaibhav Laxmi is determined and committed to change the scenario for the betterment of the consumer as well as the one growing the cotton. Our deep penetration in the market and emerging out as one of the largest exporters of organic cotton proves that our quality system has succeeded. The competencies of our product and overall services have gained us a stance of reliability in the industry.

Our Clientele

Testing Lab Instrument


Instrument Make

Digital Testing

USTER Tester 5

Fibre Testing Installation for Bundle Fiber Test USTER
Single Fiber Installation (Advanced Fiber Installation System) USTER
Yarn Testing (Imperfections & Hariness, U%, Thin, Thick, Neps & H) USTER
Lea Strength Testing Statex
Trash % in Cotton Statex


Organic Material
Global Organic Textile Standards gurantees that organic textile products are obtained in compliance with environments and social criteria.
Better Cotton Initiative promotes a sustainable production of cotton for the environment and for the people.
Confidence in Textiles
We have obtained the certification OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 to ensure that our products are free from harmful substances.